How To Paint Stair Risers

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We spend much of our lives going up and down the stairs at home. But do you ever stop to really take notice them?

How To Paint Stair Risers

It’s time to elevate the staircases in your home! With so much traffic and use, maybe it’s time to take a closer look at the stairs in your home and give them a little lift with a fresh coat of paint.

  Step 1 – Clean and Prep the Stairs
The first thing we need to do is wipe the stairs with a damp cloth to remove dust and grime. Cleaning the stairs will ensure you have crisp paint lines and a smooth and durable finish.
  Step 2 – Taping & Measure
Use a tape measure and pencil to mark the areas you want painted. The pencil marks will be used as a guide for the positioning of the painter’s tape. I like using the Ace Clean Release painters’ tape, its strong adhesion makes it ideal for painting these stairs. Press the painter’s tape down firmly along the outside edge of each pencil line. There’s no right or wrong way to make a design on your staircase, it’s a fun opportunity to bring out your own inner artist!
  Step 3 – Start Painting
These stairs were painted using Royal Porch & Floor Satin, tinted to Clark+Kensington’s Stormy Weather, color code CW-C7. I bought another gallon tinted to Clark+Kensington’s Black Sand, color code 37A-5. What makes this paint unique, versus wall paint, is that it’s specifically designed to be walked on. This means it can withstand daily wear and tear, especially if you have kids running up and down.  Apply the accent color by starting along the painter’s tape using a 3- or 4-inch synthetic angled brush.

Step 4 – Remove Painters Tape + Let Dry

Allow the final coat of paint to dry for approximately two to three hours. When the paint is tacky to the touch, peel back the painter’s tape in a slow, controlled manner, ensuring the tape does not rip the paint. After the tape is removed, use a small-detail paintbrush to touch up any imperfections
Painted stairs are as fun as they are eye catching and they instantly become a conversation piece. From bright hues to intricate patterns, painted staircases will make you smile with each footstep. Give them a try on your basement stairs.
Published on 12/13/2021.
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