How to Refresh Your Outdoor Space

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Spring is a great time to start freshening up your yard. So, let’s get into the different ways to freshen up your space. There’s a lot of different things you can do, but I recommend starting with washing away old debris, prepping your planter beds, and topping off your planters with a fresh layer of mulch.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is actually a lot of fun. I’m using the STIHL's electric RE10,  but you can use any pressure washer. I’m going to use the adjustable jet nozzle to knock off all the debris from the shed.

Prepping Your Soil

A garden can help an empty area of your lawn pop and feel more like a yard. It can also give you an opportunity to add some privacy. Using the STIHL Yard Boss you can freshen up your soil, to make using it a bit easier, I suggest tilling the soil right after a rain when the soil is moist.

Amending Your Soil

Use an organic soil conditioner to give your plants and soil the extra boost they’ll need. Distribute the soil conditioner with a spreader over the tilled-up landscape and then water it in. This might be the most important step for setting yourself up for success.

Choosing the Right Plants

Before you start planting maybe consider planning out what you want to do in the space and what plants would work best where. Shrubbery and perennials are always a good choice. Lay out your plants where they’ll go before digging into the dirt. Take the sun and shade into consideration when picking and laying out your plants. Anything close to the house will most likely get more shade, but you can buy plants that thrive in a mix sun and shade area as well. An auger makes planting all these plants into quick work. After planting everything we can trim our hedges just a little bit to encourage them to grow nice and full. I like to use the Stihl Garden Shears, they’re battery powered and are easy to use.

Adding Design Elements

I added some basic square pavers but rotated them to create a diamond pattern and it adds a lot of character to the garden. You can put down a fresh layer of mulch to help regulate the moisture in the soil, along with protecting the plants. Lastly, I found some rocks around the property and used them to create some edging to help separate the garden from the rest of the yard.
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Published 6/18/2021
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