How to Set Up a Real Christmas Tree

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Picking out a live Christmas Tree is a wonderful tradition.  But soon come in the fears you have of having a perfectly straight tree for those photos.  Or the endless debris of needles.

How to Set Up a Real Christmas Tree

So, let us cast those worries aside with expert tips on how to set up a Christmas tree quickly and cleanly in your holiday home!

Fresh Cut When you arrive how with your tree, you will need to complete some prep work on it outside of your home.  Lay the tree down and get an even slice at the bottom of the trunk with a coping saw.  You will want to remove a half of an inch to 1 inch from the bottom.  This will help the tree fit into the tree stand correctly and avoid a tilted tree. Then, trim the bottom branches using pruning saw or anvil pruners.  Be sure to leave enough space under the tree for gifts. Give It A Shake Take the tree out to your lawn and give it a good shake. This will help remove any loose needles or insects that may have come along for the ride. Bag It Wrap the tree in a large bedsheet or Christmas tree bag to prevent needles from coming into the home during transport inside. It will also prevent sap and water from getting on your floors.  The Christmas tree bag should be placed on so you can pull the bag from top to bottom. Location Is Key A dry tree can easily catch fire, so don't put it by a source of heat like a vent, space heater, fireplace, hot lights, candles etc. Set Up A Stand The Christmas tree stand you use should match the tree. So, be aware the height of the tree and get a stand that matches it.  Christmas tree stands have many features but zone in on ones that has easy set up, holds plenty of water and will keep the tree from falling over.  While the tree is lying on the floor, keep the bed sheet and Christmas tree bag on the tree.  Tighten the tree trunk into the stand.  Then slowly lean the tree to an upright position.  Roll the Christmas tree bag all the way to the bottom and tuck it under the tree stand.  It's now hidden and ready for easy access when you want to remove the tree after the season.  After Christmas just uncover the bag and pull up to make removing the tree easy and mess free. Not So Straight If the tree is not standing up right, make adjustments with the tree stand and guide the tree into the direction you need it to go to offset the issue. Give It A Drink Once indoors, the tree will begin drying out because of the added heat it's taking in.  Fill up the tree stand and don't be surprised if over a few hours the water reservoir is empty.  The first day or two in the home are the thirstiest you will see from the tree.  Over the course of a week or two it will be less thirsty. Check the stand daily to make sure water is always present in the tree stand.  The tree can drink as much as a gallon of water a day. A water funnel is a great option to make adding water easier on you and your back. A water alarm is a great way to become aware if your tree needs more water added. Keep It Green Tree Preserves can help your tree stay green, keep it's needles and offer that fresh scent longer then you'd expect. One cup in every gallon of water in your tree stand prevents drying and extends the life of your tree.

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Published: 3/2/2020