How To Take A Turkey Temperature

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When it comes to food safety nothing is more important than checking your doneness temperatures.

How To Take Your Turkey’s Temperature

You want to make sure that the food is cooked to the proper temp and that you always serve safe food to your family and guests.  Here are some tips to help make sure your turkey is fully cooked, at the proper temperature and totally amazing.  That’s Helpful.


Turkey Temp Checking


Breast             Desired Temp – 165˚          Always check in the thickest, deepest part of the breast Thigh              Desired Temp – 180˚          Always check in the thickest, deepest part of the thigh   Watch For:   Be sure not to hit the bone and take the temp at the bone, this will produce a false reading.  If you feel you hit the bone, pull the probe out a little bit and check again  

Thermometer Options:

WIFI Options           Weber Connect (Ace SKU 8029955) Big Green Egg Egg Genius (Check Your Local Ace) Traeger Grills – WiFire (Timberline, Ironwood or Pro Series Grills)   Instant Read             Weber Snapcheck (Ace SKU 8882417) Weber Digital (Ace SKU 8531709) Maverick Digital (Ace SKU 6844575) Maverick Digital (Ace SKU 6847099)     For more helpful tips and advice, visit a neighborhood Ace. Or visit us online at Published on 10/21/2020