How to Use a Powered Lawn Edger

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A powered edger is a great tool for creating clean lines in your lawn or defining a garden space in your yard.

How to Use a Powered Lawn Edger

The EGO Edger creates clean and precise edges around your driveway, sidewalks and patio with ease. it's equipped with a variable speed trigger, a lock off switch and a guide wheel with a depth adjustment knob.


This is the Ego Power tool. This tool is unique in the fact that you can use different attachments by removing the lower portion and putting on other attachments. What I have on now is the edging attachment, now you can see that this is a serious tool. The blade is exposed, so you need to be very carful using that because when you pull that trigger, you’ll see that blade runs across. So you want to use safety glasses and be very familiar with the tool. The Ego Power Head does come with an accessory handle to make using the tool a little bit easier.

Now all you do with this is you drop it down to the ground and there’s a wheel on the back of it to help guide you along the edging. What you do is you pull that trigger and the blade is going to start to spin and then you carefully sort of follow the outside line of where you want to make that edge. Those sparks that you see are ok, that’s part of the process, but if you use this carefully your lawn is going to look terrific.

Now a power edger versus a manual one means that you can make really quick work of the tasks. For instance we have a light pole, and you can see that the string trimmer has been hitting the lamp and nicking up the paint. So we’re going to cut a circle around it to make a small garden bed. I’m going to use a can of spray paint to make my line that I want to stay inside of. Now that we have the spot set, let’s get powered up and go. Your small garden spot is made. Add some top soil and some plants and you’re set.

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Published 7/28/21
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