How To Use The Big Green Egg SpeediLight

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One of the ways to start your Big Green Egg is with the use of SpeediLights.  These little fiber starters do a great job getting things going and there are some good tips for how to start the fire faster or how to stretch the SpeediLights further.

How To Use The Big Green Egg SpeediLight

SpeediLight Natural Charcoal Starters light easily and are odorless and tasteless, with no chemical aromas or residue. They're clean, safe and ready to use without the need for any lighter fluid.



SpeediLight Starters                    24 ea SpeediLight Starters
Perfect For:                                Starting the fire slow, medium or fast


Determine if you are starting the fire slow to catch up on prep work, or fast to get cooking and get everyone fed in a hurry
I use 2 SpeediLights in the center for a slow and easy ignition, allowing me time to get things done
I use 3-4 SpeediLights around the outside of the center to get ignition going FAST so I can get to cooking
If I want to start fast, but also save some SpeediLights, I will break them in half and place 4 half pieces around the outside of the center
Light the rough edges of the SpeediLights to ignite the starter
Be sure the dome and bottom vents are wide open to allow your fire to breathe and build energy
As the temp climbs close the dome and adjust the rEGGulator top as well as bottom vents to hold the temperature at your desired temp.
Establish a good solid fire / ember mass to sustain the low and slow cooking, or a hot fire for the fast cooking
Published on 8/20/2021.
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