KettlePizza Intro and Tips

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Welcome to the PizzaKettle, enjoy our quick start guide and tips.  Whether you are using an 18” or 22” kettle, the PizzaKettle adjusts to fit both sizes, making it a versatile.

KettlePizza Intro and Tips

PizzaKettle Tips

Starting the Fire: for best results use a chimney when lighting your charcoal.  Tips below are good for getting started, once you have a few cooks under your belt, adjust as needed to suit your preferences.

  • Use either Lump Charcoal or Charcoal Briquettes
  • Open bottom vents of the Weber Kettle to full open
  • Use a fire starter of some sort.  I don’t suggest newspaper as these burn dirty with ink and contaminants
  •  Supplement with wood chunks to help drive the fire and ambient temps
  • Ambient temp goal is 700-900 degrees
  • Pizza stone temp goal is 500-650 degrees
  • Once fire is established, place pizza stone on the upside down grate, towards the front of the opening
  • Place the kettle lid on with vents open, until ambient temp reaches 500, then close vents
  • Add more wood if temps don’t get hot enough for ambient goal of 700-900 degrees

Making the pizza – using fresh dough

  • Use wood pizza peel dusted with an 80/20 blend of polenta/flour to help prevent pizza from sticking to the peel
    • Don’t dust too heavy as the excess will burn on the pizza stone
  • Be sure to relax and proof dough for 30-45 minutes prior to using
  • Make pizza fast to ensure the time on the peel is minimal
  • Less is more when it comes to ingredients.  Too heavy of toppings will make a soggy pizza
  • Use a fork or docker to dock the dough and help prevent BIG bubbles.  Some bubbles are normal

Cooking the pizza 

  • Slide the pizza into the opening and onto the pizza stone, using a push pull method with the wooden peel
  • Allow to cook for 2 minutes to help set the bottom crust
  • Check crust to ensure that its set before rotating
  • Rotate pizza by 90 degrees to help brown all the edges – use a metal pizza peel to rotate pizza
    • Using  the metal peel helps get under the crust better due to the metal peel being thinner
    • Rotate every 30-45 seconds or as needed to prevent burning
  • Remove pizza when crust and top meet you desired outcome of doneness
  • Place on cutting board and let rest for 1 minute to set cheese, then slice and serve

Shutting down the Pizza Kettle 
  • Close the top and bottom vents of the kettle
  • Allow fire to burn out and cool completely

 Grills / Grill Gear Used:

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Published: 3/22/2020