How To Make Pot Roast Pizza on the KettlePizza Kit

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Stay with me on this one, I promise an amazing pizza feast.  This is a great pizza as is, or imagine it with some leftover POT ROAST... Meat and Potatoes meet pizza.  Oh man!

How To Make Pot Roast Pizza on the KettlePizza Kit

Yield: 1 Pizza

Prep time: 20 Minutes Prep

Total time: 1.5 Minute cook time


Measure   Ingredient                                                            Prep Notes      

8-10 oz         Pizza Dough                                                       Fresh or Par-Baked, 10”

½ fl oz           Garlic Oil Rub                                                  Oil, Garlic and Fishy Fishy    

1 ½ Cup        Mashed Potatoes, Warmed                         Choose your favorite recipe        

¼ Cup           Cheese, Parmesan, Shredded                    or to taste

4 Slices         Bacon, Applewood, Cooked                        diced medium or rough chop

½  cup          Cheese, Mozzarella/Cheddar Blend         50/50 Blend, Shredded   

2 Tbsp          Onions, Green, Fresh                                     Bias (angle cut) ¼” pieces

½ Cup           Potatoes, Shoestring, Canned                   as garnish         

Prep Directions

  • See above for all prep directions – under Prep Notes
  • For the pizza peel we use a 80/20 blend of flour and GRITS/POLENTA to help keep pizza from sticking and help it slide onto the pizza stone easier. We use about ½ Tbsp per pizza, sprinkled onto the pizza peel.

Cooking Notes

  • Garlic Oil Recipe
    • ¼ Cup Olive Oil
    • 1 Tbsp chopped garlic
    • 1 tsp Fishy Fishy Herb rub
  • Mix all together in a small bowl and let sit

Cooking Directions

  • Load your Chimney (100% full) with charcoal Briquettes
  • Start the fire under the chimney and allow 80% of charcoal to get to glowing red hot
  • CAREFULLY pour charcoal into the back of the Kettle, thru the upside down grate opening and around the back outer edge
  • Add about 4-6 large chunks of wood to help build fire temperature
  • Add the pizza stone in the front 2/3 of the grate
  • Cover with the Kettle Lid and adjust dempener to 100% open
  • Preheat your Kettle Pizza to AMBIENT temp of 650-700 degrees on KettlePiiza Temp Gauge
  • Adjust kettle kid dampener to hold ambient temps at the range above
  • When stone is preheated, we recommend keeping the temperature at the same setting to help ensure consistent temp and easy recovery during cooking
  • Building the pizza – this process should take 1-2 minutes max
    • Fast building will ensure the dough doesn’t get wet (from toppings) and stick
  • Allow the dough to soften at room temp for approx. 1 hour
  • Hand stretch the dough to desired thickness and place onto the grits/floured pizza peel
  • Spread the oil onto the dough and spread the edges using a spatula or spoon
  • Top as follows:
    • Oil
    • Mashed Potatoes
    • Parmesan Cheese
    • Bacon
    • Mozz/Cheddar Blend Cheese
  • Load the pizza onto the middle of the pizza stone
  • After 30-45 seconds, slide the peel under the pizza and rotate the pizza 90 degrees
  • Continue to cook and rotate the pizza to your desired doneness
  • Total cooking time should be 4-5 minutes
  • Once pizza is done, Remove pizza using the pizza peel
  • Slide onto your cutting board and cut into 8-10 slices or into squares
  • Garnish with the fresh green onions or shoestring potatoes
  • Pizza can be made using defrosted pizza dough, store bought fresh dough, homemade dough and more

Grills / Grill Gear Used

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Published: 3/2/2020