Oh Baby! Our Favorite Paint Colors For A Nursery

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Are you designing a nursery? We say it’s for the baby but… we all know there’s something in it for the parents too! I can’t wait to share with you some great baby room colors today.

Oh Baby! Our Favorite Paint Colors For A Nursery

Annie, Ace's Paint Expert, gives her picks for the perfect baby's room. Explore all colors on our Paint Studio.

Here are my picks from Benjamin Moore:

  • Yours Truly, color code 1317

  • Hidden Sanctuary, color code 1375

  • Old Glory, color code 811

  • In the Midnight Hour, color code 1666

  • Fairmont Green, color code HC-127

Your baby’s room should be one of the most relaxing spaces at home. You’ll be spending a lot of time there, so you want to make sure it’s soothing and happy for you and your bundle of joy.

I have five different colors from Benjamin Moore I want to share with you today. Two that are perfect for a sweet little girl’s room. Two for a beautiful baby boy’s room. And one color that could be used for … in case you’re saving the baby gender surprise for the very end.

Let’s talk girls! I have two girls myself, so I loved choosing the colors and decorating their nurseries.  The first color is called Yours Truly. This is a classic pink that's light and luminous. It’s a soft shade that adds a sweet finishing touch to a little girl's room. You can use this color throughout the entire room or, if you want to do something unique, try painting half the wall.  This idea is easy and gives the illusion of a higher ceiling because the bottom half will draw the eye up.

The second beautiful color for a girl’s room is Hidden Sanctuary. It’s a light purple that radiates a sense of tranquility and tenderness.  This is a great color for an entire room or as an accent wall and works perfectly with traditional or modern décor.

Now, let’s talk about ideas for a little boy’s room! The first color I love is Old Glory. This is a deep, saturated blue that is the perfect color for that little baseball nursey.  The second great color for a little boy’s room is In the Midnight Hour. This color is part of the Classic Color Collection – it’s a dark, cool, stormy black with a navy undertone. It’s a great color for an entire room but it also works well as a statement wall.

The last color I want to share with you is part of the historical color collection. Drum Roll…. the color is Fairmont Green. This is wonderful color for a woodsy, rustic little boy’s nursey or big bold beautiful garden flowers for a girl’s nursey.

Here’s an Annie tip! If you are looking to save time and money, pick a color that can grow with your kids. All these colors I mentioned can transition from nurseries to a toddler room and even ‘big girl and boy’ room with some simple décor changes.

Whatever color you choose, just remember to have fun. Those early years go so quickly and planning out the nursery is one of those moments to remember. And if you need help, visit your neighborhood Ace for your paint and paint supplies.

Published on 1/12/2022.
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