Quick Furniture Fix-Ups

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See some quick fixes for furniture that needs repair. Watch step-by-step  on how to fix a loose chair leg, railing, or spindle. Find out which products can help you repair watermarks or heat rings that have damaged a wood finish.

Quick Furniture Fix-Ups

Water Marks

  • Use a wood furniture polish.
    • Take a bit of steel wool and dip it in the solution.
      • Be sure to use a fine grain steel wool. The more zeros, the better!
    • Apply pressure in the direction of the grain.
    • Rinse with a wet rag.

Fix A Wobbly Chair

  • Knock loose the fractured joint.
  • Using sand paper, remove any old glue in the joint.
  • After the joint has been sanded, use wood glue to re-saturate the joint.
  • Place pieces back together and clamp together.
  • Once the joint in back together drill a screw at an angle into the joint for extra security.

**These steps also apply to many projects such as stair way spindles, railings, and so  much more!**

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Published: 3/11/2020