Leftovers with Annie: Sponge Wall

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Leftovers with Annie is a weekly series where our host, Annie, gets a mystery product in a bag and challenged to use it in the home.

Leftovers With Annie - Episode 2

Get those leftover paint cans out of your home and use them in your decor!


Step 1

Measure the wall to decipher how many columns of the sponge technique you can fit across the wall.

Step 2

Apply painter's tape across to the length and width you've determined on the wall.

Step 3

Place your sponge lightly in the allotted amount of paint you have. Place the side of the sponge on the wall gently so you don't cause it to drip down. Continue that pattern from the bottom up. Be careful not to get paint on your sleeve.  Have a damp cloth on hand to address any drips. Continue to "stamp" the wall with the sponge across the wall.  

Products Featured:

Clark and Kensington Paint
Painter's Tape
Kitchen Sponge
    Always follow product instructions before using any product. For more helpful tips and advice visit a neighborhood Ace or visit us online at acehardware.com Posted On: 10/28/2020