Top 5 Colors For A Home Office

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Did you know that color can improve productivity? If you're thinking about adding color to your home office, we've selected our 5 favorite hues to use in your work space.

Top 5 Colors For A Home Office

  1. American Spirit is a clean and tranquil color. It can calm the chaos in any work space.
  2. If the office is a shared space, Vanilla Chai is a great compromising color. This color brightens and heightens any work space.
  3. If you're looking for a change in your already furnished home office, try Fair Isle. Fair Isle, complements nearly any furniture style, fabric, or material.
  4. If you are a lover of art or enjoy displaying your precious moments on the walls, try Silk and Satin. This sophisticated color does a great job presenting your passions in any office space.
  5. If your office will double as a guest room, try Celebrate the Moment. By using this brighter color, not only will you accomplish making the room feel lighter, but also bring a sense of ease to the space.

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Published: 1/30/2020