How To Choose A Hammer

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There are many different types of hammers on the market. Each one has its specific duty and function. Let Lou show you the best hammer for your job.

How To Choose A Hammer

Claw Hammer

Known for the deeply curved claw opposite of its head. This hammer is the perfect fit for any jobs around the house.

Rip Claw/Framing Hammer

Great for demolition and construction projects. Due to the straighter/heavier duty claw, it is easiest to pull nails or remove boards in tight areas. These hammers typically come with a grid pattern on the face. This makes it easier for the hammer to strike and not slide.

Tack Hammer

This light and angular hammer allows for precision and light weight. This tool is primarily used for mending upholstery.

Rubber Mallet

Perfect for fixing or assembling furniture. Use this tool to tap together or apart without marring the surface on the object.

Dead Blow Hammer

This hammer will not bounce back or reverb when used. Use this tool fir auto body work and some woodwork.

Ball Peen Hammer

The ball on the opposing end of the hammer face helps concentrate force when you strike with it. With the concentration, it is less likely to shatter/splinter your working surface.  

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Published: 1/2/2020