What To Do To Your Home In May

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Each monthly we provide five things to do to your home to help prevent costly repairs or replacements in the future. Here's a list of to do's to check off for the month of May. Ace's Home Expert, Lou Manfredini, has crafted these simple tasks.

  1. Get Air Conditioning Ready
    I’m always surprised when I hear from people that don’t get their air conditioner serviced. Making sure your unit is being serviced annually will help you avoid costly repairs and early A/C replacement. If you have central air, you may want to have it serviced. If you use window units, you’ll want to get those out of storage and get them installed.
  2. Clean Gutters
    Nope, this isn’t just a fall task. You’ll be surprised what can accumulate over winter and early Spring. Depending upon where you live in the country, the spring rain can come down fast and hard. Make sure your gutters are prepared for that rain fall by cleaning them and giving water a chance to flow. When not cleared your gutters need to send that water somewhere, into your home. Before you call it a day, just ensure the downspouts of the gutter are clear too.
  3. Treat For Bugs
    I can’t say I’ve met a person that enjoys bugs in their home or mosquitos at a picnic. So, let’s take the time to send them elsewhere. Treat your lawn with a GrubEx to keep everything from grubs, army worms to keep from crawling to another lawn. Next, use a home defense product in your yard to reduce them from getting inside and avoid them from eating up your lawn.
  4. Plant Flowers
    A good rule of thumb for most of the U.S. is to plant on Mother’s Day weekend. Adding plants to your yard is a great way to improve your curb appeal. To keep them thriving, create a fertilizer feeding schedule on your calendar to give them that extra kick for healthy growth your neighbors will envy.
  5. Control Weeds
    Now is the time your yard can look like a see of weeds. Have on hand weed killer for lawns and a weed puller. Both these options will keep your yard looking healthy.

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Published on 2/23/2022.

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