What To To Your Home In April

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Hopefully by now Spring has sprung where you live! This month we've focused most of the products outside, getting the yard and garden ready for the season.

What To To Your Home In April

Lou Manfredini, Ace's Home Expert, has provided five things to do in April. Taking care of this list now may help reduce costly repairs or more time spent on completing them in the future.


1. Make your mower ready for the season. That’s right, get your mower running and ready. This includes sharpening the blade, replace the spark plug, clean or replace the air filter, change the oil, clean the unit of debris, lubricate moving parts.

If you wish someone could just do it for you, I’ve got an option for you! Contact your neighborhood Ace and ask if they offer lawn mower service.

2. Spread new mulch and Preen Your Landcaping. Before you spread the mulch think about any new plants you may want to install. Flowers, bushes and so on.  It all depends on where you live but remember the mulch typically is the final dressing.  You many also want to apply some weed control product under the mulch to keep things looking great all season long.  As for the mulch, there are so many type, colors and brands to choose from.  Just remember mulch is like diapers, you always need more. After you’re done, sprinkle some Preen to your mulch, flower beds and landscaping. Preen stops weeds from germinating saving you time from hand-weeding later.

3.   Feed you lawn. Strong soil is the foundation for a great lawn, so set your yard for Spring success by adding a soil improver to your yard. Apply Scott’s Foundation to your lawn with your spreader. This product contains natural ingredients that can help reduce soil compaction, boost water retention which helps improve the soil. Think of this as the multi-vitamin your lawn needs to bulk up for the season.

4.   Trimming here, there and everywhere. Early spring trimming of bushes and shrubs with a trimmer will help promote healthy growth and give that shape back to your plants. Take your time and trim back dead branches, shape the plants appropriately but don’t be too aggressive.  Step back from the plant to make sure you are not giving it a buzz cut which can take a while to grow back.

5. Get your air conditioning ready. I’m always surprised when I hear from people that don’t get their air conditioner serviced. Making sure your unit is being serviced annually will help you avoid costly repairs and early A/C replacement. If you have central air, you may want to have it serviced. If you use window units, you’ll want to get those out of storage and get them installed.

Published on 1/27/2022.
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