How To Choose Christmas Lights

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From bargain to premium to incandescent to LED, see which lights are right for your home or project. Let us show you the difference in light sets and the savings that come with them.

How To Choose Christmas Lights

Bargain Lights

If you're going to use budget lights, apply them them on smaller areas of your home when decorating. Bargain lights are fine to use if you don't plan on decorating year after year. The quality of the lights may not withstand weather or impact from the elements, so you may find yourself replacing sooner than you'd expect.

Premium Light Sets

Not only do premium light sets like LED Holiday lights last longer, the investment in quality lights is key if you plan to decorate year after year. The quality of the cord is meant to withstand years of weather and wear and tear. Premium light sets let you connect twice as many sets to create a longer continuous strand vs. bargain sets. The bulbs in premium light sets are made of stronger material, helping them hold up to the elements as they seal out moisture. Some premium lights sets include bulbs so strong they can withstand being hit by a hammer or stepped on.  The continuous on technology from premium light sets is also an essential benefit for your decorating needs. Continuous on technology means if 1 light bulb is out, the entire strand will still remain lit.  Gone are the days of looking to see why your set is half or even all out!

Contractor Light Sets

The bulbs on contractor light sets are thicker and sturdier. They also come with a longer length to help the installer stay on track with a larger light project and lessen the number of connections to make.  The lights on these sets are also further apart in order to cover for surface area.  It's best to choose LED bulbs when selecting contractor light sets to brighten more surface area and save money on the electric bill.

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Published: 3/2/2020