November Home Checklist

November to me is the countdown to the holiday season, along with cooler temps no matter where you live.  Here are some things to consider getting done in and around your home in November.

  1. Replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. I know I mentioned this last month but just in case you forgot here is a reminder.

  2. By now you may be feeling drafts around windows and doors. Now before it gets cold in some parts of the country is the time to apply weather stripping and caulking to areas where the cold air can come in.  Self-stick weather stripping is easy to install and will make a difference.  For doors make sure they are closed and locked and then apply the material on the door jamb against the closed door to create a tight seal.

  3. Use clear latex caulking around window and door trim to seal out the drafts. This caulking goes on white but dries clear and will really make a difference in the comfort level inside your home.

  4. Its not a nice thought but as temps cool down rodents try and find their way in. Walk around your home and look for openings, cracks, fallen siding or other areas where a rodent could come in.  That opening could be a small as a dime.  Seal those up with expanding foam or caulking and use a combination of traps, bait or repellents depending on the approach you want to take.

  5. Change the filters in your forced air furnace and have your HVAC system inspected and cleaned professionally. This will ensure safe operation and peak efficiency during the colder months.

Just a few ideas to get you in good shape for the winter ahead.  If you need more advice just stop by your local Ace Hardware store.