How to Seal Gaps and Cracks

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Here is an easy way to save energy, prevent liquid damage, and keep pests from moving in.  Learn how to seal up gaps and cracks inside and outside your home.

How to Seal Gaps and Cracks

Types Of Caulk

Caulking Your Home

  • Be sure to check exterior vents, exposed pipes, and the crevices where windows/doors meet the house.
  • For large open gaps, use a spray foam to fill the space evenly.
  • For spaces between doors and windows, use a silicone clear caulk to line those spaces.

Weather Stripping Your Home

  • For interior gaps under doors, you can try metal or acrylic plates for a more permanent seal.
  • For a less permanent seal, try a stick on vinyl or a Quick and Stick foam weather proofing strip.
  • Quick and stick foam is a great way to seal all windows and doors this winter.
Published: 2/4/2020