How to Use A Caulk Gun

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Caulk has dozens of uses around the house. From sealing off drafts, water leaks, even keeping pests out.  That makes the caulk gun one of the most helpful tools you can have. Watch this how-to video to learn how to use one.

How to Use A Caulk Gun


On your caulk gun you will have a cylinder that will hold the tube of caulk. When pulling the trigger, the pressure from the plunger will squeeze the caulk out.

To open the caulk tube, use a utility knife to cut the tip at an angle. Some caulk guns come equip with a hole, just behind the trigger, specifically for opening the caulk tube.

To load the caulk, pull the plunger back and load the tube into the cylinder.

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Published: 1/30/2020