How To Clean A Sump Pump

Sump pump

A sump pump should be checked every three months and always checked after substantial rainfall. When you check and test your sump pump, use this time to always clean it out.

How To Clean A Sump Pump

  1. To start, remove the pump screen or cover.
    • A garden hose works best if it can reach your sump pump. If not, use a large bucket with warm water along with paper towels.
  2. The goal is to rinse of all dirt and grime that has collected on the surface of the pump. If there is a collection of debris then use a putty knife or scraping tool to get the debris off the unit.
  3. Follow up by using a shop vac to remove any standing water from the sump pump put as you may have, during cleaning, knocked debris into the pit and it could clog the unit.

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Published: 4/3/2020