10 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Front Entrance

You can amp up your home’s “curb appeal” by freshening up your front entrance. Try any of these 10 easy improvements to help give your home a glow-up.

10 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Front Entrance

  1. Repair the Walkway

    • Patch cracks and replace loose bricks and pavers. Rent or buy a power washer to clean up embedded stains in concrete, stone or asphalt.
  2. Illuminate the Path

    • Lighting helps guests arrive safely to your door and also acts as a theft deterrent. Clean up the light fixtures and replace burnt-out bulbs with energy-saving LED bulbs. Replace outdated fixtures and add landscape lights to brighten walkways and shadowy nooks.
  3. Plant Foliage and Shrubbery

    • A variety of bedding plants, medium – to tall- shrubs and plants and trees can reinvent a featureless front entry. Large container plantings or hanging baskets can brighten up a stoop or porch. Bushes or hedges can conceal air conditioning units or propane tanks. Flower beds and window boxes will stylize a stark facade.
  4. Prune and Mulch

    • Prune dead branches, trim back overgrown shrubbery or remove unattractive plantings. Spread mulch or bark around trees, shrubs and flowers and add some landscape edging for a weed-free, well-kept look.
  5. Decorate Your Door

    • Polish your door hinges and knobs. Paint or stain the door with a color that stands out, yet complements, the trim and siding. Hang a pretty wreath to finish the look. If your front door is worn or unattractive, invest in a replacement door or storm door for security and some added energy efficiency.
  6. Focus on Windows

    • Fix broken windows and torn screens. It’s a pretty simple fix on your own, or you can check your local Ace for glass and screen repair to save yourself time for another project. Freshen up the paint on sashes, trim and shutters. Add window treatments and clean the windows inside and out to keep the glass crystal clear.
  7. Accessorize

    • Choose a few lawn and garden ornaments. Hang a few birdfeeders from branches or shepherd’s hooks. Match a decorative handle, door knocker or kickplate with shiny new house numbers and a mailbox. And, install a new doorbell that matches your other finishes.
  8. Feature Furniture

    • Spray paint for plastic or metal is a quick way to refresh worn outdoor furniture. Or, use an exterior paint or stain to add a dash of color to an otherwise ordinary Adirondack chair, bench or porch swing. The element of unexpected color and a comfortable-looking piece of furniture adds a welcoming touch to an otherwise empty spot on the porch or stoop.
  9. Keep it Clean

    • Sweep the sidewalk and stoop, clear away cobwebs, tighten wobbly railings or stair treads and repaint posts and supports.
  10. The Finishing Touch
    • Put out a clean, new welcome mat because you’re sure to attract more visitors now!

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Published: 3/5/2020