10 Tips for Safely Using Pesticides

Pest control is never a fun activity. For many, the amount of product options are overwhelming. Learn from Ace’s Home Experts on the best way to use these products efficiently and safely.

10 Tips for Safely Using Pesticides

  1. Always read the label first!

    • Pay attention to the directions, warnings and cautions before you even open the container. It will help you from making an absent-minded mistake like dousing yourself if chemicals because you stood downwind while you were spraying.
  2. Store it right.

    • You should always store chemicals out of reach of children and pets when you’re not using them. Keep a lid on it. Leave insecticides in the original containers. Keep them away from sources of spark or flame.
  3. Anticipate accidents.

    • What if you’re measuring out a concentrated spray and you knock over the container? What if your toddler is close enough to wander into a puddle of spilled chemicals? What if you spray or spill a product and it winds up in your eyes, your skin, your child’s toys, your grill or your pet’s water dish? Before you open the container, stop, think and remove the risk.
  4. Protect yourself.

    • Wear long-sleeved shirt, full-length pants, gloves and goggles. Wear a hat when spraying overhead. And, avoid inhaling chemicals by wearing a dust mask.
  5. Never smoke or eat while using pesticides.

  6. Cover food and water containers.

    • Take care when you’re treating around food and water sources for livestock or pets. And, take care not to contaminate aquariums or fish ponds.
  7. Use separate sprayers.

    • Avoid plant damage by using separate containers for plant food, herbicides and insecticides .
  8. Wash up when you’re done.

    • Wash your hands and face with soap and water. Change into clean clothing and shoes. And wash your clothes immediately.
  9. Dispose of empty containers according to the instructions.

    • You want to prevent accidental poisoning of people and animals as well as contamination of waterways.
  10. If you feel ill

    • If you’re feeling ill during or shortly after using a chemical, get medical attention. Take the label from the chemical with you.

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Published: 3/8/2020