3 Ways to Help Migrating Hummingbirds

September is the primary month for southbound hummingbird migration. As these beautiful little birds head to warmer climates, they need all the help they can get! Try these three tips, to be the best B&B these birdies have ever stayed!

3 Ways to Help Migrating Hummingbirds

1. Set Up Nectar Feeders

 While flying south, hummingbirds are often in a desperate search for their next meal. Adding a feeder to your backyard makes it easy for them! Fill your feeder with nectar; place it 10-15 feet from your house in an area that receives partial sunlight, and where it’s easy to observe your little visitors! Change your nectar regularly and keep your feeder clean!

2. Bird-scape Your Yard

Plant trumpet-shaped flowers, add a pond or a fountain and provide places to take shelter and you’ll have an inviting space for visiting hummingbirds. If you are working in a limited space, try adding a bird bath. Or, hang a bird waterer off a branch or Shepherd’s hook. Clean it regularly and add fresh water every few days.

3. Get to Know Your Visitors

By learning more about their habits, you can provide the birds with the resources they need to complete their migration. If you manage to make your yard homey enough, they might even stick around all season long! Depending on your location, expect hummingbird migration to last through September and trickle to an end by Halloween.

While it’s sad to see these birds disappear from your yard, just remember that you will then have time to make your yard even more inviting for their return in the spring!


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Published: 3/8/2020