5 Essentials for Hobbies & Crafts


As you take your handmade projects to the next level of craftsmanship, you’ll want to add tools to your collection. They’ll help you create more, without being limited to what else you can use a tool for.

5 Essentials for Hobbies & Crafts

1. Clamps
It’s not about choosing the best all-purpose clamps, it’s about having a collection of them. You’ll want light medium and heavy duty pressure as you graduate into more complicated projects.  And at least a pair of each type in a variety of sizes.

Pipe clamps are a must for large woodworking glue-ups or where you need to apply firm pressure. Bar and spring clamps will become a necessity when you need to hold objects onto your work surface as you cut, solder, carve and more. Look for the type with quick release features.

C-Clamps offer heavy-duty force. You’ll want an assortment of sizes and some with a deeper curve, or wider jaws.

Band Clamp’s wrap around the object to apply tension on all sides. Handy for gluing up oddly-shaped items or repairing furniture legs.

2. Handsaws
A lightweight saw with interchangeable blades along with a heavier-duty universal hand saw will be your go-tos for cutting different types of materials from wood to metal to plastic.

3. Marking & Measuring Tools
Craftsmanship requires precision. So, you might like measuring tools with built-in shortcuts that help prevent mistakes.  For example, a measuring tape with markings that help you find the center, or that go down to 1/32nd of an inch. Learn the basics of using a speed square to save time making saw cuts, scrubbing a line, squaring off an edge or drawing an angle.

4. Rotary Tool
This is one of those tools that’s easy and compact enough for a beginner to handle. It’s a must-have for any hobbyist. By switching out the tip, you can engrave, etch, shape and contour. It’s hard to beat for general usefulness as well. You can use one to polish your silver, sharpen your tools, cut, sand or grind just about any surface.

5. Micro Pliers
Micro Pliers can help with a variety of needs from crafts to household chores. They are perfect for everything from untangling necklaces, repairing broken toys to handling miniature objects. Consider pulling these out when you have repairs in tight spots.


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Published: 3/5/2020