5 Ways To Use Disposable Gloves 

Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves are an easy and effective way to help your hands avoid germs, grime and much more. Check out these 5 tips on when to use them and where to stash them. 

5 Ways To Use Disposable Gloves 

  1. Storing Them Strategically

    • From cleaning ups to garden mishaps, a pair of gloves strategically placed can be a great find in a sticky situation. Consider stowing extra gloves in places like wallets, glove compartments and gym bags to make sure you ready when the situation presents itself.
  2. Cleaning Your Home

    • Disposable gloves are a great way to keep your hands from collecting the germs off the surface you’re cleaning. Everyday jobs like cleaning the bathroom, doing the dishes, or organizing the animal areas can become much easier by slipping on a pair of gloves. Strong cleaners like bleach require gloves to keep your hands safe from the chemicals it contains.
  3. Keeping Them In Your First-Aid Kit

    • Keeping a few pair of disposable gloves in your First-Aid Kit could save your life or someone else life. Staying sanitary in dire situation is critical. Stay stocked and stay prepared.
  4. Renovating Your Home

    • If you are staining, painting, or sanding, having a pair of quality gloves is the perfect way to away from unwanted cuts or colors on your hands. Keep a box of disposable gloves in your toolbox and workshop so you’re ready for your next project.
  5. Tuning Up Your Car

    • Changing the fluids in your car may be a breeze for some. However, no matter how good you are, it always gets messy. Pulling out a pair of disposable gloves makes clean up simple, safe and easy.


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Published: 6/21/2020