Create Glitzy Holiday Accents with Spray Paint

Spray painting items from nature is an extremely easy, inexpensive holiday décor idea. Spray paint naturally has a uniform look. High gloss adds shine and sparkle for a modern look.

Create Glitzy Holiday Accents with Spray Paint

Get Creative With These Ideas

  • Small tree branches + silver and gold spray paint: Fill a vase or create a rustic garland. Add a string of holiday lights for extra sparkle.
  • Tree stumps + bronze or gold metallic spray paintCreate extra seating or an accent cocktail table for a party.
  • Pine cones + glossy white spray paint: Cluster them inside various sized glass hurricanes.
  • Glass balls + spray paint in bright holiday shades: Use them as a vase or bowl filler.
  • Lampshade + stenciled snowflakes: A fun, seasonal pattern and décor that’s easy to change for a new season.

Keep it chic.

Avoid a hodgepodge look with these tips.

  • Group items in odd numbers. For example, 3 vases or 5 branches.
  • Stick with 1-2 accent colors.
  • Choose colors that harmonize with your palette.
  • Choose 2-3 focal projects in areas your guests will see. For example, a dining room centerpiece, mantel décor or entry foyer table décor.
  • Stick to a few elements in large scale. Lots of little projects feel cluttered.

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Published: 12/20/2019