Create an Out of This World Outdoor Living Experience

One of the benefits of owning your own home, is sitting outside and relaxing in your outdoor space. Try these ideas to enhance your outdoor space by appealing to your senses.

Create Comfort

  • Plan for Adequate Seating

    • Think about creating an outdoor space that functions like an indoor space. If you plan on entertaining and enjoying outdoor barbecues, create a dining area with a patio table and chairs. And, create a zone for kicking back and relaxing like you would in your living room. Chaise lounges, ottomans, Adirondack chairs, sofas or hammocks are the spots everyone will gravitate toward. You just want to be sure you have enough seating for your typical gatherings.
  • Make Some Shade

  • Drink in the Outdoors

    •  Set up a beverage serving station near your grilling zone. This cuts down on the trips back and forth indoors, and adds to your enjoyment of “relaxation-mode” by having everything you need within easy reach.

Add Color

  • Create Color

    •  Liven up the space with a few easy ways to add color. You could paint a table or chair with a stand-out color. Add colorful planters, a few lawn ornaments or bring in a bright umbrella to shield your space from the sun and create a vibrant punch of color.  To avoid overdoing it, stick to  general color scheme or style theme. And, try to group items in threes instead of spreading them out randomly all over your space.

Add to the Ambiance

  • Add a Fire Pit 

    • The crackle of a fire or smell of toasted marshmallows is what a relaxing summer nights are all about. Firepits require little to no set up and you can find one to match any style from modern, to traditional, even Asian or Southwestern. If you have kids or pets, look for a fire pit that’s covered or includes a screen to prevent accidents. Or, opt for a patio heater to extend your time outdoors even as the temperature drops.
  • Create a Water Feature

    •  The sound of falling water adds tranquility to any outdoor area. Decorative fountains easy to set up and maintain and can be moved to suit the needs of your space. Like fire pits, you can choose from an assortment of styles to fit in with the theme of your outdoor space.
  • Lighten Up

    •  Set up layers of outdoor lights at low, medium and higher heights. The glow of garden torches,  lanterns, strings of party lights or landscape lighting can define areas, keep guests safe, and set a relaxing mood.

Invite Activity

  • Attract Birds

    •  This is a great way to liven up your space, especially if your landscaping is sparse. Create a space that invites birds to nest, feed and drink by setting up feeders, birdhouses and a birdbath. Add some plantings that attract hummingbirds and butterflies and you may never want to go inside.
  • Have Some Fun 

    • Set aside space dedicated to games or outdoor play. Keep playground equipment and kids toys consolidated to this area so you can still maintain some style and space to relax. Or, set up an area for horseshoes, corn hole or another outdoor fun favorite.

Reduce Annoyance

  • Control Pests

    •  It’s tough to enjoy your outdoor space when mosquito’s, no-see-ums, ticks or other bugs and insects take over. You can treat your lawn and shrubs with pesticide to cut down on the annoyance. Electronic or propane-powered deterrents can also help create a bug-free zone for enjoying the outdoors.

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Published: 3/5/2020