Fall Checklist Just For Your Lawn

Taking care of your lawn in the fall is one of the best ways to have a terrific looking lawn in the spring and summer. I know it seems funny to be worrying about the lawn as fall and winter are approaching but as the lawn goes to sleep in many parts of the country how you put it to bed really does make a difference.

Fall Checklist Just For Your Lawn

  1. In early fall I am a big fan of spreading an organic soil amender to the lawn.  There are several products at your local Ace that will enhance the soil conditions and it’s a terrific way to boost the soil under the actual grass. Scott’s Foundation Soil Improver is a good option.  It will help strengthen and improve your soil to give your lawn a solid base.
  2. After the above has been down for about 3 weeks, and all the leaves have fallen. Cut the lawn for the last time.  Then, take the necessary steps to get the lawn mower stored properly for the winter.  Start off by disconnecting the spark plug so it doesn’t kick on when you’re doing the next few steps. Start off by emptying the gas tank properly. Then, remove the blade and clean out the dirt and grass that has collected around the blade. A putty knife makes a great tool for scraping the under carriage. Check your owners manual for the frequency of draining the oil. Then, change the air filter.  Add back on the spark plug and you will put your lawn mower away and be set for spring!
  3. Use a power rake or hand rake and pull all the thatch from the lawn and bag or compost it. Dehatching removes dead grass, leaves and other lawn debris so that water, nutrients and fertilizer you put down can reach the soil.
  4. Apply a winterizing lawn fertilizer to promote root growth and keep nutrients in the soil during the colder months of winter. Your lawn is about to be exposed to cold temps and needs some TLC to tackle winter.

With just a little bit of work in the fall your lawn will bounce back quicker next year and actually reduce the amount of work you have to do to get that lawn back in shape.


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Published: 3/8/2020