How To Clean Grout

From bathroom floors to tile showers having dirty looking grout is an eyesore you want to avoid. It’s easy to get it cleaned up, all you need is a handful of items and you are off to bringing that shine back to your floor.

How To Clean Grout

If your grout is looking a little dingy, these tips and tools should help you clean things up.


Tools needed:


Traditional grout is a porous material, dirt, grime, soap-scum can penetrate the surface.  The key to keeping it as clean is doing this a couple times a year.  The longer it stays dirty the harder it is to get it clean.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. With the floor or wall cleared apply the cleaner of your choice. And let that cleaner stand of the surface for about ten minutes.  (keep in mind that some of these cleaners cannot be used on certain natural stones so check the bottle first)
  2. Use the combination of the handheld brush and the brush on the end of the cordless drill and start scrubbing the grout lines.
  3. Once you have worked the cleaner into the grout lines let that stand for another 10 minutes then scrub one more time.
  4. Wipe down the surface with a rag and clean water and let dry.


That’s it, follow these steps and your grout should look a lot better.


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Published on 12/8/2020


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