Hurricanes and Heavy Rains: Protecting Your Home

Take precautions to stay safer, protect your property, and prevent major damage to your home from a hurricane. Keep in mind which items you may want to keep on hand. High demand before and after severe weather may leave stores low on inventory of the items you need.

Hurricanes and Heavy Rains: Protecting Your Home

1) Make a Disaster Plan

Create a plan and communicate the plan to your family.

2) Build a Disaster Preparedness Kit

Consider having at least two emergency supply kits. One full kit at home and smaller portable kits at work or in your vehicle can help.

3) Visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA’s) website

Heavy rainfall, storm surges, flash flooding, rip tides and damaging winds are some of the major hazards associated with hurricanes and tropical storms. And, they can happen far inland from coastal areas. You can learn about what to do before and during a hurricane to protect yourself.

4) Prevent Property Damage

Take precautions to minimize damage from hail, heavy rainfall, high winds and flooding.

  • Store exposed items in a garage, storage shed or other protective structure. Secure trash cans, grills, outdoor furniture, patio umbrellas, tools and sporting equipment that could get blown around or damaged by rain or hail.
  • Trim trees and shrubs. Keeping landscaping properly pruned can help vegetation stand up to wind or prevent weak branches from breaking off.
  • Clear gutters and downspouts. So they can help disperse rain away from your foundation
  • Cover your windows. Cut 5/8” exterior grade or marine plywood to fit your windows. Have the plywood sheets ready to install with heavy-duty screws.

5) Reinforce Your Buildings

Learn about useful recommendations for building in added protection for your home. FEMA has a series of helpful resources such as:

For more tips, go to

Published: 3/7/2020