June Home Checklist

Clean Window

As we turn the corner and head right into summer, lots of good things should be happening to your home and yard.  Nothing helps your mood like bright sunshine, green grass, and comfortable evenings.  Here are some things to consider on your project list.

June Home Checklist

  1. Clean Home Windows

    • Those sunny days may show how dirty the windows in your home look.  Cleaning the glass both inside and out can help improve the look of your home. There are many ways to clean the glass.  Glass cleaner and paper towels, dish-soap, a sponge, and a squeegee, and just plain warm water with a micro-fiber towel and polishing rag.  The last option is what I do and the windows always look great.
  2. Spray Yard Plants For Bugs

    • If you have annuals like Hostas or Hydrangeas, the bugs like to munch on them during the hotter days. There are organic sprays you can apply to the leaves to keep them at bay.  The key is to do it NOW while the plants look nice and healthy. Repeat the application once a week to keep your plants looking terrific all season long.
  3. Check The Air Conditioning Unit

    • For those of you who use your air conditioning a lot this is very important.  HVAC techs will check the refrigerant charge, clean the condenser, and make sure everything is working at peak efficiency.  After they leave make sure you replace the filters regularly to keep things running right.
  4. Re-coat The Asphalt Driveway

    • June is a great time to recoat the asphalt driveway.  It’s best to do when temps a little cooler and the sun is low.  The slower the drying time the better.  As with any coating job, the prep is the most important part.  To clean the driveway, you can use dish soap, water, and a broom.  Repair any holes and fill cracks.  Then, apply the new coating.  (Pro tip, wear shoes you do not care about because they will get ruined.)
  5. Insect Control The Lawn

    • Apply insect control to your lawn.  June is the month where bugs can wreak havoc on your lawn and using an insect control treatment is very important to keep the lawn looking good!

Enjoy your summer, have some fun and stay positive!


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Published: 6/1/2020