March Home Care Checklist

For some of us, Winter means board games, fire places, and staying indoors.  As the much anticipated month of March approaches, here are the home care steps to get your home ready for Spring and eventually Summer!

March Home Care Checklist

Open Up The Windows

If you get some milder days, re-introducing some fresh air can go a long way.  Stale air that can be filled with contaminates. A little breeze will circulate those out of your home and boost your mood.

Replace The Furnace Filter

Replace that stale furnace filter with a pleated filter to capture more airborne particles. Capturing those particles helps you to breathe cleaner air in your home. These should be changed once month throughout the year.

Vacuum The CO2 & Smoke Detectors

Vacuum the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home. I like to use a dusting brush as well as the vacuum to keep the unit’s operating at their peak.

Sweep The Lawn

Give your lawn and garden a clean sweep. It may be too early to do any planting, but you can give the lawn a good raking. This will help cultivate and define planting beds for the Spring. If you are feeling extra motivated, add an additional layer of top soil/compost to get ready for the plantings season in late April, early May.

Paint The Home

How about a fresh coat of paint in your living space or just an accent wall? Spring painting is a terrific way to brighten things up after a long Winter. This can be done  in a day or even a weekend.


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Published: 2/18/2020