The Importance Of Mulch In Your Flower Beds

Ace Mulch Beauty

Nothing enhances the beauty of a flower bed more than the mulch surrounding it.  However, mulch has more to offer than just its beauty. Mulch is an important part of the growth and health of the plants around it.  Mulch will reduce weed growth, retain moisture, and can promote the growth of plants.

The Importance Of Mulch In Your Flower Beds

When it comes to laying mulch, there are many options.  Natural or organic mulches come in several varieties and sizes including, cocoa, pine, cedar, and hemlock.  Rubber mulch is made from recycled tires and comes in a variety of colors and sizes.  There is no doubt that a nicely laid bed of mulch can truly enhance the look of your yard.  

– Tips –

  • Take the time to define beds using a spade shovel. Create an edge that the mulch can rest against to avoid it spilling onto your lawn.
  • Cultivate the soil before laying mulch by removing any weeds. Re-treat the soil with a slow release weed inhibitor. Or, you could lay a weed blocking cloth over the dirt to block sunlight.
  • Try and build up the beds to create proper drainage. You want to avoid standing water in planting beds that are mulch.
  • Apply about 2 inches of mulch to your prepared beds.  Spread evening around planting edges and your home.
  • Avoid mulch against the home that is higher than the foundation.  As this can lead to water against the home and possible infiltration.

Follow these helpful tips to achieve a beautiful Spring garden.


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Published: 2/25/2020