How To Make Outdoor Lighting With Cans

This project is great to do with the whole family!  Start by collecting empty canned good containers like soup and sauce cans.  Clean them out thoroughly and let them dry before starting this process. Draw on white paper some designs you enjoy!  From hearts to stars, sketch them out on paper creating your template.  Make marks on the paper where you want the holes for the drill to go.  When finished, tape the templates to the can. Measure the top of the can and ensure it will fit your light stand correctly.  Using a drill, create a hole at the top of the closed end of the can.  When you're done, continue to drill small holes into the marked spots on your paper template. Mix up your drill bits for added dimension in your cans. If there are sharp edges on your can from the drill holes, be sure to sand them off.  You'll want a smooth finish on your cans. Now, place a large piece of cardboard or a drop cloth on the ground to avoid spray paint from getting it where you don't want it. Always use spray paint in an open space.  For this project, you are going to use Rust Stop spray paint. Pick a color you want to see in your outdoor space!  Spray each can separately and all around it.  Let it dry for 30 minutes. It's time to feed in the lights.  The light bulbs will go in the large circle you drilled into the top.  We suggest using outdoor clear globe lights. Make sure your light strand is for outdoor use.  Give the strand of lights a tug to make sure they are secure in the cans. It's time to hang them up!  Show everyone your creation at the next backyard BBQ! 8 Steps