How to Overseed Your Lawn

  • Why over seed your lawn? It can help thicken your turf and keep weeds from filling in thin or bare spots.
  • When to do it? This is a great project for Early Fall. The season’s higher moisture and cooler temperatures helps new turf start strong.
  • Supplies List: Rake, Lawn Spreader, Turf Builder, Grass Seed, Sprinkler

Overseeding Steps

  1. Mow and Rake
    Push Lawn Mower
    Set your blade to the lowest setting and mow your lawn short. Use a heavy-duty broom rake to loosen and clear lawn clippings, thatch and debris. For heavy build-up, a bow rake can loosen up the thatch. This helps seed reach the soil.

  2. Spread Your Grass Seed
    Broadcast lawn spreader in use
    Use a broadcast or drop spreader to spread seed over the entire lawn according to the product label. There’s no need to overdo it. Only about six seeds per square inch will germinate. Sow the seed too thickly and you’re simply wasting seed.

  3. Feed the Seed
    Starter Fertilizer Bag
    Spread a starter fertilizer over the entire area. They typically contain more phosphorous which helps new seed develop roots.

  4. Water the Lawn
    Above ground sprinkler
    Lightly mist the overseeded area. Keep it moist with light watering if dew or rainfall doesn’t do it for you. Keep the soil moist by spraying it with a light mist two or three times a day until the grass is about 1" high. Continue to water about once a week until the new grass is about 3" tall.

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