How to Use Lawn Spreaders and Sprayers

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Overseeding and fertilizing are basic maintenance projects when it comes to keeping a healthy lawn. And, when your yard needs a little extra help, there are products for pest and weed control you might have to use as well. Follow along, as Ace's Home Expert, Lou Manfredini, shows how to use lawn spreaders and sprayers.

Hand Held Spreaders

Hand held spreaders are great to use in smaller yards. You can even use these to dispense ice melt if you live in colder climates.
  1. Put product inside the hopper
  2. Change the setting on the handle to what the package says
  3. Crank the handle and start walking

Drop Spreaders

Drop spreaders literally drop the contents of the basket into the area you want to treat in the width of the spreader. This tool is great if you have a lot of contours to follow and want to spread the product in a precise path. It is also better for smaller or medium size yards.
  1. Put the product in the hopper
  2. Turn the setting on the spreader to what the package of the product suggests.
  3. Simply begin walking and the spreader will drop the product over the area you cover.

Broadcast Spreaders

Broadcast spreaders are great if you need to cover a large area. The rotary spreaders spray product out over a wider area.
  1. Follow directions on the bag to fill the hopper with the right amount.
  2. Fill the hopper on a sidewalk or driveway, so if you spill, it does not leave a burn mark on the lawn.
  3. Set the dial to what the instructions on the product bag say
  4. Make a boarder along the edges of the lawn. This prevents getting fertilizer or seeds in garden beds or walk ways.
  5. Turn the edge guard on while walking along the boarder, to prevent it spraying to one side.
  6. Walk back and forth across the rest of the lawn
  7. When you reach the edges, turn off the spreader while you turn, and then back on as you walk back the other direction
  8. When turning, move about one to two feet away from the previous pass, as to not overlap product too much
    1. With a drop spreader, line up the wheel tracks from the first pass, because it only drops product directly beneath its width.
Follow these general steps when spreading fertilizer, grass seed, pesticide, or even soil amendments.

Applying Liquid Products

Liquid products are great for smaller areas. Hose sprayers simply attach to your hose. Pressurized tank sprayers are a good tool when needing to be more precise applying product to a lawn or garden.
  1. Measure out the product you need to use and fill the tank with water.
  2. Leave a third of the tank empty so that pressure can build when you pump up the tank
  3. Screw the top on and pump the handle until it becomes difficult to push back down
  4. Lock the pump in place
  5. Rotate the nozzle to adjust the spray path
  6. When opening the cap again, tilt it away from your face. Pressure released may spray out chemicals, which can be harmful if gotten on eyes or face
    1. Choose a sprayer with a pressure release valve to prevent this

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