2022 Color Trends Dining Room

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It’s my pleasure to share with you another 2022 Color Trend from Clark and Kensington. This one is called Deliberate Simplicity.  I know we all love the idea of updating spaces in our home but struggle with motivation. These colors are a win win, you can’t go wrong with any of the combinations to transform any space in your house.

2022 Color Trends Dining Room

Let’s dive in, take a look at the colors and I’ll share with you some ideas on how to use it in your home.


Let’s start with the colors, the Deliberate Simplicity pallet is made up of these five comforting colors:

Saturday Morning
Belgian Waffle
Story Weather
Pastel Delicisoso

These colors were handpicked to make bring a cozy, simple yet balanced look to a room.  This pallet is great for any room in the house, but I love the way the colors look in this beautiful in this space. Dining rooms are one of the most important rooms in a house; it’s typically a room where technology is nonexistent & families come together to eat & catch up on each other’s days.

Take a look at the trim, ceiling and even the door, they are all painted in the rich caramel color called Belgian Waffle . Here’s an Annie tip, use Clark and Kensington cabinet door and trim paint to give these areas just a little bit of gloss that way they reflect perfectly off the lights in the room.

With the walls painted in the lightest hue in this pallet, adding a pop of color to the window trim was the perfect touch because trim doesn’t need to be white.  That little hint of unexpected color gives the space a more elegant look. It almost feels like I’m about to have dinner overlooking the hills of Tuscany. Paint can take you to your favorite dining destination.

These colors come together seamlessly to set a cozy, simple and balanced mood for any room in your home, especially a room that has lot of light like this dining room! Take a look around your home for a space that has lots of windows with natural light and this could be a great area to consider these colors!

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Published on 12/29/2021.
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