How To Stop Lawn Weeds

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Learn a few ways to prevent weeds in your lawn. Remember that types of weeds, grass and treatment might be different depending on where you live, so visit your local Ace to get tips and tools specific to your area.

3 Ways to Prevent Weeds

  1. Under the Surface: To stop seeds or seedlings before they can break through the surface, apply a weed prevention treatment using a lawn spreader early to mid Spring. This works as a chemical barrier that prevents weeds from growing but fertilizes grass. A Weed and Feed fertilizer works best for this step. Spread it over the entire lawn at a rate recommended by the label.
  2. Over a Large Area: If weeds have already popped up, apply a post-emergent herbicide over the entire lawn. Make sure to research to get the correct treatment for the type of weeds and that won't kill your type of grass. Weeds will shrivel up within a few days of treatment.
  3. On the Spot: If you miss a weed or two, or they occasionally break through, simply pull the weed completely out, or use a spot treatment that you spray directly onto the weed. This will kill the plant directly to its roots and prevent regrowth. When picking out a spot treatment, make sure to chose one that will not kill you grass, to prevent bare spots. If removing a weed  by hand, use a weeding tool and be sure to pull out the entire root. If the weed breaks off from the root, it will just grow back.
  For more helpful tips, visit Ace Hardware's Tips & Advice Published: 3/2/2020