How To Reverse Sear On A Big Green Egg

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The Big Green Egg is the ultimate cooking experience!  Gone are the days of pricey meals at restaurants and here to stay are many delicious dishes! Let the grill do the work as you make Chef Jason's Seared Ribeye with simple ingredients and the beautiful flavor from your BGE.

How To Reverse Sear On A Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg – The BBQ Buddha  |  Ace Hardware - Chef Jason Morse

Yield: Serves 2 people

Prep time: 10 Minutes

Cook time: 30-40 Minutes


Measure                             Ingredient                                          

1 Stick                                    Butter, unsalted - Softened

1 ea                                         Shallot, Large -  Minced Fine

4 Cloves                                Garlic, Fresh - Roasted

1 Tbsp                                    Big Green Egg, Steak Seasoning

2 each                                    Ribeye Steaks, Prime – 18oz

As needed                            Olive Oil Blend

Taste                                      Kosher Salt

Taste                                      Black Pepper, fine grind


  1. Remove the steaks from the refrigerator and place on counter for 30 minutes to rest and breathe.
  2. Load the FireBowl and Start the charcoal on half (use the FireBowl divider if using an XL or XXL BGE)
  3. Prepare the Big Green Egg for indirect cooking over low heat (300°F)
  4. Insert the EGGspander base and load with the half moon cast iron plancha (over the charcoal) and the half moon grill grate (over the non charcoal side)
  5. Adjust top vent and bottom vent to ¾ open and bring temperature to 300˚
  6. Once temp reaches 300˚ adjust vents to maintain temp at 300˚
  7. While Grill is pre-heating -
  8. Coat both sides of the steak lightly with olive oil blend and season to taste with kosher salt and pepper.
  9. Load the Ribeye steaks onto the grill grate, ensuring the steaks are furthest away from the charcoal and heat
  10. Roast/Cook the steaks for 15 minutes, Flip steaks and roast/cook steaks until the internal temperature hits 115˚
  11. Remove the steaks from the Big Green Egg to a half sheet pan and rest on the counter
  12. Adjust the top and bottom vents to 100% on the Big Green Egg
  13. Raise temperature to 500˚, once temp is at 500˚ adjust vents to hold temp
  14. Add the steaks back to the plancha side of the Big Green Egg
  15. Cook for approx. 45-60 seconds per side, with the lid open
  16. Remove the steaks and allow to rest on a cutting board for approx. 10 minutes
  17. Carryover will be roughly 1 whole temperature, so pull them off early to ensure they finish at your desired temperature
  18. While Steaks are resting, top with desired amount of compound butter, we like 1-2 slices
  19. Allow compound butter to melt slightly before serving steaks

Compound Butter:

  1. Finley mince shallot and Roasted garlic
  2. Add butter, shallot and garlic to a small stainless steel mixing bowl
  3. Mix well to combine and season to taste with the Big Green Egg Steak Seasoning
  4. Using some plastic wrap or parchment paper, roll the butter into a small diameter log and refrigerate for 20-30 minutes
  5. Slice into ¼” slices for serving and keep refrigerated until needed

Grills / Grill Gear Used:

  • Big Green Egg, XL
  • Big Green Egg, Charcoal, 20# Bag
  • Big Green Egg, EGGniter
  • Big Green Egg, XL EGGspander
  • Big Green Egg, XL Plancha

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Published:  3/2/2020