EGO Power Inverter Product Overview

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Introducing the EGO Power Inverter. Power when you want it, power when you need it. Watch as Ace's Home Expert, Lou Manfredini, gives you the full run down on this unique power accessory.

  • EGO 56 volt Lithium Ion batteries can be used on any EGO power tool from lawnmowers all the way to chainsaws
  • This battery can now be combined with the inverter to create 120 volts of power and up to a maximum of 150 watts
  • Using the inverted, you can power things such as a lamp, a television set or even a blender if you needed to
  • This item is great for tailgating, during a power outage, or for camping
  • Run time depends on how charged up the battery is or what you are using the power for
  • There area outlets as well as USB ports for easy cell phone charging
  • The EGO power inverter is great for emergencies or portability where you need power where you don't have it
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Published on 12/20/2021.

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