Hot Chocolate Bombs On A Traeger

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Oh man I am excited about this recipe!  Hot Cocoa Bombs have been all the rage and we found a way to incorporate them on the Grills. Taking advantage of that wood fired fun and chocolate for sure.  Enjoy the cocoa bombs, I know I did.

Yield: 6 Bombs     Prep time: 30-45 Minute Prep     Total time: 1 hour prep and creation time


  • 1 Pkg - Ghirardelli White Melting Chocolate
  • 1 Pkg - Ghirardelli Dark Melting Chocolate
  • 6 pkgs - Cocoa Mix, With Mini Marshmallows
  • 48 fl oz - Milk
  • 6 pieces - World's Best Chocolate (Milk or Caramel)
  • 6 pieces - Earth Salt Caramels
  • Sprinkles, Mini Chips or desired decoration


  1. Load Traeger and set temp to 225˚
  2. While Traeger is heating up…
    • Load the silicone sphere mold into the fridge to chill for 15-20 minutes
    • This helps set the first round of chocolate
  3. Once Traeger is at temp, Load the basting pots of dark and white chocolate and heat for 7 minutes
  4. Stir chocolate after 7 minutes and cook for an additional 3-4 minutes or until fully melted
  5. Use a heat proof glove to move the basting pots from the grill to the kitchen
    • Carefully brush the insides of the mold with light coat of chocolate, being sure to cover the entire half sphere
    • Place in the fridge for 5-7 minutes to harden the first coat
  6. Repeat the process to have 3 coats of chocolate in the mold
  7. Once spheres are fully coated and chilled..
  8. Carefully remove the spheres by pushing up on the bottom and carefully unmolding the half sphere
  9. Turn the mold upside down and use the mold to hold the spheres stable
  10. Fill 1 half with 1 pkg of cocoa mix and mini marshmallows
  11. Top the cocoa mix with 1 piece of either world’s best chocolate or earth salt caramel
  12. Lightly brush the half sphere with melted chocolate
  13. Add the top sphere and press lightly to set in the chocolate and seal the sphere
  14. Brush extra chocolate around the edges to ensure a good seal and use some sprinkle or mini candy to “hide” the seam
  15. Allow the cocoa bomb to harden, use the fridge if needed
  16. Using either the stovetop or the Traeger
    • Heat 8 oz (per cocoa bomb) of whole milk and bring to a boil or simmer
  17. Add one bomb to a mug (yeti mug works great)
    • Be sure the mug holds at least 14oz liquid or more
  18. Carefully pour 8oz of HOT milk over the bomb, allowing it to melt
  19. Stir up the melted fun and enjoy your custom hot cocoa or wrap the cocoa bombs in cellophane bags and give as gifts

Cooking Notes

  • Use the fridge if needed to help set the chocolate spheres
  • Use some extra chocolate around the seam of both spheres to help them seal
  • Be sure to bring milk to a boil to ensure it has enough heat to melt the cocoa bomb
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Published: 11/4/2020