How To Clean A Big Green Egg

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We cook a lot on our Big Green Egg and now the time has come to dome some cleaning.  The key to a long-lasting grill is regular cleaning and maintenance.

How To Clean A Big Green Egg This keeps your grill free from buildup, grease and allows you to keep an eye on the condition of your grill from top to bottom.  Today’s focus will be on a large Big Green Egg.

Cleaning Tips:

  1. When to clean your grill
    1. I DEEP clean mine every 3-5 cooks, more often if I’m cooking higher fat foods
  2. Steps to clean your Big Green Egg
    1. Make sure grill is cool and there are no embers remaining. Keep the lower screen and flap closed to prevent any ash from falling out while cleaning
    2. Open your Big Green Egg and using a grill brush clean the grill grates top side and bottom side
    3. Remove the grates and set aside
    4. Remove any unburned charcoal and clean out until the fire grate is fully exposed
    5. Asses the amount of soot or particulate on the inside of the dome and on the top of the fire ring
      1. Lightly scrape with the paint tool or light brush
        1. Do NOT clean to a brand new look, leave it well seasoned and focus on removing any buildup
      2. Use the paint tool to get around the edges of the grill and into the ledges on the fire ring
  • Push all crumbs into the bottom of the Big Green Egg
  1. Remove the fire ring and scrub the inside and outside to remove any stuck on food bits or bbq crumbs
  1. Remove the fire grate and push any remaining bbq crumbs into the fire pit
  2. Remove the fire bowl carefully and asses any cleaning needs, set aside
  3. Remove any final large chunks of charcoal leaving only ash behind
  4. Using the Vacuum clean out ALL of the ash and crumbs inside the grill
  5. Open the front screen and flaps and vacuum out the channels
  9. Verify inside OF THE EGG is clean and all parts/bolts are tight and everything is in working order
  10. Rebuild the grill from the bottom up starting with the Fire Bowl, Fire Grate, Fire Ring, and top grate
  11. Refill with fresh or recycled lump charcoal if using, or leave empty until the next cook
  12. Using Simple Green or Traeger Grill cleaner, spray exterior of Egg as heavy as needed, allow to soak for 1 minute and wipe down the grill from top to bottom. Spot clean again if heavier cleaning is needed.  I wipe down the sides of the grill and modular nest as well

Grills / Grill Gear Used:

  • GrillMark Grill Brush Ace SKU – 8533739
  • Ace Hardware 6-1 Paint Tool Ace SKU – 1204973
  • Craftsman 2.5 gal Shop Vac Ace SKU - 2305696
  • Traeger Grill cleaner spray             Ace SKU – 8687048
  • Simple Green Cleaner Ace SKU -
  • HD Shop Towels                                     Ace SKU - 1206994
Published on 3/9/2023
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