How To Clean Your GrillGrates

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So, you have cooked on your new GrillGrates a few times and you’re wondering to yourself…. Just how do I clean these? What do I scrape off and leave on? Are they dishwasher safe? Let us walk you thru some fast and easy cleaning methods to keep those GrillGrates in fine working order.

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Cleaning Tips:

When to clean your GrillGrates

DEEP cleaning your Grill Grates is expected every 3-4 cooks. More often, if you're cooking higher dripping foods, or if using the plancha side a lot.

Cleaning your GrillGrates

    1. Before shutting off the grill, give those GrillGrates one nice final brushing to remove any stuck-on food or particulate.
    2. Shut off your grill and let the Grill and Grill Grates cool completely.
    3. Make sure Grill and GrillGrates are cool before starting the deep clean.
    4. Open the grill and using a grill brush, begin to clean the grill grates top side and bottom side. Be sure to get into the grooves.
    5. Brush off any food particles or bbq crumbs when done.

The focus on the GrillGrates is to remove stuck on debris

  1. Lightly scrape with the  Ace's 6-1 Paint Tool or a light brush.
    • Do NOT clean to a brand-new look, leave it well seasoned and focus on removing any buildup or large particles (bbq crumbs).
  2. Use the paint tool to get around the edges of the grates and into the channels. Caution: don’t scrape too hard or it may damage the GrillGrates.
  3. Push all crumbs into the bottom of the grill and clean the grill after deep cleaning the GrillGrates.
  4. Using a rag or bunched up shop towels, wipe the inside of the kettle down and push all debris into the ash catcher.
  5. Using the QSwipers give the GrillGrates one final scrub on each side to remove and oil or residue that may remain.
    • Avoid using any soaps, oven cleaners or grease cleaners.
**NOTE – Grill Grates are not intended to be put into the dishwasher**

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