How To Make A Graduation Planter

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This easy and budget friendly planter is perfect for entryways and table tops at your graduation party.

How To Make A Graduation Planter

Send off the grad with personalized messages when you use chalkboard paint on these plant pots.



  • SKU: 73079 6” clay planter pot
  • Square piece of wood 9x9
  • Yellow yarn Tassel
  • SKU: 1204148 Black Chalkboard paint
  • SKU: 5013230 Wood plug for top of hat
  • SKU: 1787969 Gorilla High Strength Clear Glue 3.75 oz
  • SKU: 1006476, Ace Best 2 in. Flat Trim Paint Brush


Steps 1. Use a piece of cardboard that’s the size of the tassel you’d like to make. Leave a tail of yarn on top, and begin wrapping the yarn around your cardboard.
Step 2: Wrap about 20 times
Step 3: Cut an additional piece of yarn that is approximately 12” to 18” long. Slip this piece of between the wrapped yarn and the cardboard and tie a tight knot.
Step 4: Then slip the yarn off the cardboard, and cut through the bottom loop to create the tassel.
Step 5: Cut an additional piece of yarn 6” to 8” long and tie it around the top of the tassel.
Step 6: Once everything is dry, take the Gorilla Glue and glue the square wood to the top
Step 7: Glue the tassel to the top and place the small wood plug in the middle.
Step 8: Use chalk to write a fun Graduation message like: Good Luck, Congratulations, You did it!
Published on 2/7/2023
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