How To Paint A Geometric Accent Wall

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A geometric accent wall is a wall designed to be a bold and fresh focal point of the room. It will add pattern, color, and style in a big way, for just a little bit of time and money!

How To Paint A Geometric Accent Wall Annie, Ace's Paint Expert, shows you an easy way to give your wall a beautiful work of art made completely by you.

Step 1 – Sketch your Idea

 It’s best to start by sketching out ideas on pieces of paper. You don’t have to copy them exactly when you put it on the wall, but you will have a better idea of what you like. Horizontal stripes make a room appear more spacious and vertical stripes make the ceiling appear higher.
You can choose to paint the entire wall in the geometric patter or make a large rectangle like a piece of art!

Step 2 – Clean and Prep your wall

Make sure the wall is clear of any dust, lint and dirt. Using some soap and water to clean the walls. Once you have cleaned, wipe it down with a dry cloth and allow the door to completely dry until moving on.  You will also want to remove all the faceplate covers on light switches and outlets.

Step 3  - Start Taping

Using your painters’ tape, start putting the design on to the wall. For this project, I recommend using Frog Tape. It’s made with exclusive PaintBlock® Technology, which is a super-absorbent polymer that reacts with the water in latex paint and instantly gels to form a micro-barrier that seals the edges of the tape to prevent paint bleed. This will give you the sharpest, cleanest lines!

Step 4 – Paint

We’re going to pop open this paint and give it a good stir.
I’m decided on these paint colors
Magic Fountain 32A-2
Gothic Iron 34A-4
Midnight Oil 36B-7sheen.
I am going to use the my first color on the smaller shapes to break up the design, and various shades of  that color on the rest of the shapes. You need to work relatively quickly and have a good layer of paint on each section as you can only do one coat.
For each color I’m going to use a 2 inch synthetic angled brush and apply paint to each section. You could also use small roller depending on the size of the shapes you create on your wall.  When painting each pattern you want to make sure paint the outline first and then fill in the area.
Depending on the color schemes you’ve chosen you might need a second coat so don’t clean those brushes just yet!

Step 5 – Remove the tape

Once you’ve painted all the sections, start to peel away the painter’s tape slowly so you don’t rip any of the paint underneath!
A painted geometric accent wall is an easy way to add interest to a boring space. Plus, I love it because it’s your very own art coming through on your wall for you and your family to enjoy!
Published on 11/10/2022.
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