How To Make A Tomato Cage Ghost

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With vegetable growing season coming to an end you can put that tomato cage to a new  use. Creating this decoration is easy, affordable and fun!

How To Make A Tomato Cage Ghost

Gather up your simple supplies because this decoration can be completed in just minutes!




  • Make sure lights are unplugged before wrapping on tomato cage.


  • Place your tomato cage on a table or sturdy surface with the pointed end up.
  • Next, you will see if the pillow case is the right height for this project before making adjustments. Place your pillow case on top of your tomato cage, pulling it from the opening of the case to the bottom of cage. If the pillow case is too short for the cage, use pliers to bend the pointed top of the cage towards the center. This will help shorten the height. If the pillow case reaches the ground you are fine. Remove the pillow case after making this height test.
  • Using LED holiday lights, start with the end of the lights that does not have the plug. You want the plug to end up at the bottom of the cage in order to plug in the lights.  Start wrapping the lights around the cage. If your lights don't have clips, use the duck tape to secure the light wires to the cage.
  • Once the lights are wrapped around the cage, it's time to put the pillow case back around the tomato cage.
  • With the pillow case on the tomato cage, take a 5 inch size cut of black duck tape. Using scissors, cut ovals to make the eyes and mouth of the ghost.
  • Plug in and display proudly!

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Published: 9/23/2020