How To Paint A Room To Look Bigger

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From painted ceiling to adding window trim there are easy ways you can make a room appear bigger.  When you don't want to live with white walls, the right color selection can help expand the room.

How To Paint A Room To Look Bigger

You'd be amazed that adding color can actually do the trick.  But what color goes where? What colors draw your eyes up? Let us explore all the techniques to make a room look larger.

We'll start by painting the ceiling.  The color we've selected is Cast Iron from Clark+Kensington.  The paint sheen is a flat enamel.  By painting the ceiling we are attracting the eyes up to the top versus straight across.  The dark ceiling actually makes the ceiling look endless and recede into the walls.  Roll on two coats to the ceiling and watch as the height appears in the room. The next step is to paint the walls.  We're using Arid Tundra from Clark + Kensington. The sheen is Eggshell. This is a reflective color and the sheen helps reflect line in the room helping with the appearance of size. This with the combination of a dark ceiling and a light color wall will make the room appear larger.  Add two coats of paint to the wall. The last step is adding trim to any windows in the room.  Just a few inches of trim helps make the window appear bigger.  The trim is easy to apply and offers depth and texture to the room.  A nailer is an easy tool to use to fasten the trim pieces to the wall.  Check with a participating Ace store for lumber options, including cutting pieces to the size you require.

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Published: 3/2/2020