How to Seal a Driveway

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When your blacktop driveway is fading to gray a fresh seal coat will have it looking new again. Learn the simple steps to prepare your driveway for sealcoating including how to repair cracks and fill potholes with asphalt patch and repair products.

How to Seal a Driveway

Get tips on when to apply sealant and how much time to allow. Find out how to spread the sealcoat for an even, protective finish. And, see which helpful products, like gel sealants, make sealing your driveway a little simpler.


  • Sweep away dirt and weeds that may be growing through.
  • Use a cleaner to wash away any left over dirt that may cause problems later.

Patch & Repair

  • Repair any crack up to a half inch wide.
  • Use a tamper to even out any patch work done.

Spread Sealant

  • Let the bucket set upside down for 24 hours before opening. This allows the products to mix thoroughly.
  • The sealant needs a good stir.
  • Pour a line of sealant across the driveway in a zigzag pattern.
  • The second coat should go in an opposite pattern.


  • Seal your driver every 2 years
  • The temp needs to be over 64 degrees
  • Choose a pet friendly sealant

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Published: 3/11/2020