How To Set Up A Bird Feeder

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Get our expert tips on which bird feeders work best and in what locations. Plus, find out which feeder and food attracts those unique feathered friends to your backyard.

How To Set Up A Bird Feeder

 Setting Up

  • Birds can be picky about where they eat. They need to feel protected.
    • Hang your feeder away from any wind and rain. Make sure it is 5ft off of the ground and 10ft away from any predator hiding spots.  Shepards hooks are perfect for easy placement.


  • Birds are not only are picky about where they eat, but they are also picky about how they eat.
  • Choose the right type of feeder depending on which bird you’re trying to attract.
  • Make sure you have a feeder is drainage hole at the bottom. That prevents your seed from getting moldy.
  • Bird feeders with smaller perching point discourage the larger birds from hanging around.

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Published: 3/2/2020