How To Use A Big Green Egg Egg Genius

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We all love a little competitive edge right?  Well then, I have just the edge for you.  Introducing the EGGgenius.  This amazing controller is like having a remote control for your Big Green Egg.

How To Use A Big Green Egg Egg Genius

Easy to use and adjust and the app allows you to control it from your phone.

Print Tip Sheet For  How to use the Big Green Egg EGGgenius


BIG GREEN EGG – Reference Guide

WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Adapter Plate                                    MED & LG/XL Power Cable EGGgenius Control Unit Pit Temp. Probe                               with alligator clip Food Temp. Probe                           with long temp. probe Quick Start Guide Perfect For:                                      Remote Control of your bbq projects Technology Requirements:        Wifi, Smartphone/Tablet and BGE Egg Genius App Add Ons Available:                       Y-Cable and Additional Meat Probes   GETTING STARTED
  • Download the Big Green Egg App from the App Store or Google Play
  • Open the app on your phone or tablet
  • Remove the EGGgenius and connect to power (do not connect any meat probes)
  • Look on the EGGgenius for a slow blinking green light
    • Unplug and let sit for 30 seconds, plug back in and wait for light
    • No Green Light? Contact Flame Boss Support at 1-800-978-9078
  • Once the light is steady on the EGGgenius, check the app for firmware updates
  • Allow the EGGgenius to update firmware
    • Do not unplug or shut off the app
  • Now let’s get cooking
  • Ignite Big Green Egg and establish the start of your fire
  • Place in the convEGGtor and setup drip pans and cooking grate. Close the lid
  • Insert the adapter plate (for your sized egg) and carefully close the screen and vent to just before the opening of the adapter plate
  • Adjust the top rEGGulator to barely open (maybe ¼” max)
  • Plug in the EGGgenius and then plug in the pit temp probe and meat temp probe
  • Carefully open the Egg and clip the pit temp probe to the cooking grate
    • Be sure to keep it away from the edges of the convEGGtor, this will affect pit temp readings. Place the clip at least 3 inches from the edge of the convEGGtor
  • Load your product and insert the meat probe
  • Close the lid
  • Verify all the readings are showing up on the app
  • Set your pit temp and pit temp alarm
  • Set your meat temp and meat temp alarm
  • Sit back, relax and enjoy the bbq
  The EGGgenius will alarm you if the pit temp rises or drops outside of the range you set Stop by your local Ace Hardware store and check out the full line of Big Green Egg Grills and EGGcessories.  We offer free assembly and delivery, making it easier to take home the grill of your dreams.